Are you tracking your data right?

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What does this tool do?

In a stroke of brilliant ingenuity, the developers and analysts at Markelytics have engineered this Data Validator. Through a series of automated tests based on years in the trenches delivering to hundreds of clients globally; we determine just how efficiently your analytics has been set up. During this process your data is kept completely private, and not viewed directly or indirectly by any of the analysts employed by Marketlytics.

Spam Checker

Detect any spam traffic coming to your domain, so that you may make the right arrangements to intercept and block them.

Duplicate Pageviews

Checks duplicate pageviews being generated by your analytics setup, making sure that your analytics reports are not misleading.

Self Referrals

Check if traffic is being generated from your own domain(s) as a result of incorrect implementation, producing erroneous and misleading reports.

Internal Site Search

Check if internal site search is enabled and being used, and your customers can find what they’re looking for.

Incorrect Code Implementation

Checks if incorrect tracking code has been implemented on your website, which may lead to overly optimistic and misleading reports

E-commerce Setup

Check whether E-commerce data is being properly tracked, making sure your revenue streams are being monitored.

High Bounce Rate

Identifies high bounce sources, so that you may take effective measures to reduce the loss of potential customers.

Goals Setup

Checks if goals have been set up on your website, so that you can track the right KPIs for your business.

Events Setup

Checks if Event tracking is being correctly carried out on your website, helping you understand what your users are doing on your website.

Duplicate Transactions

Checks if duplicate transactions are being recorded by your Analytics setup, which may lead to misleading revenue related reports.